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Our Purpose

Clan Lawful Evil is a fraternity of longtime players of the mud Alter Aeon. We are both the guardians of tradition and the institutors of progress. We love Alter Aeon and want to see to its success!

Our clan exists to assist all players of Alter Aeon, not only its members. We help people of all kinds and personalities, and we prefer to reserve judgement of those different than us.

Of paramount importance to us is the welfare of the game. We utilize our abilities and influence to promote the betterment of Alter Aeon. We are patient, tolerant and longsuffering. We been around since December of 1996, and we're in it for the long haul!

Many of our initiates and members are moderators, avatars, builders and administrators of Alter Aeon. We encourage our members to be civic-minded and to participate in game discussions in order to keep Alter Aeon being the best game that it can be.

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While our clan generally keeps a low profile, our enthusiasm for Alter Aeon knows no bounds! We try to share the game with our friends and acquaintences whenever the opportunity presents itself. We encourage others to do the same.

As we in Clan Lawful Evil have helped the game to take shape, we can't help but be proud of our accomplishments. Alter Aeon is fun, fantasy-filled and highly addictive! We know it is a great game, and everybody should play it!

If perchance you've stumbled onto this website without having played Alter Aeon, please visit our Introduction to Alter Aeon page.

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